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Long term patient engagement and clarity on data privacy remain some of the biggest barriers to meaningful research.

The Sano Platform enables Patient Advocacy Groups to make impactful discoveries and collaborations while patients remain in full control of their data.

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Engage your community in research

We have developed a software platform that facilitates collaborations between academic institutions, advocacy organisations, and pharma and biotech companies to help connect individuals to personalised medicine studies, based on their genetic data. 

The Sano Platform allows partners to onboard users, easily screen and refer individuals to relevant research programs, order and process genetic tests, and maintain an on-going relationship and conversation with participants.

Partners remain in full control of the collected data and are able to ensure collaboration happens – and remains – in their own community.


"Genetic testing for NAFLD and NASH is key to improving early detection for this largely symptomless and silent epidemic[…]

With Sano Genetics’ expertise and capabilities, we can help more people to understand their inherited risk of NAFLD/NASH, catch it earlier, and potentially treat it more effectively."

Wayne Eskridge - CEO, Fatty Liver Foundation


Enable meaningful discovery with the Sano Platform

and keep patients at the heart of the research journey

Easy patient onboarding & screening

With our patient-centric interface and direct communication tools.

Connect patients with personalised study opportunities

Based on their genes and health information.

Patients remain in full control of their data

And decide which data they share on a project-by- project basis.

Facilitate collaboration

With academic institutions, pharma & biotech companies, and other partners.

At-home DNA testing

Logistics, patient support, analysis and genetic counselling.

Secure data storage

In-line with industry standards.

Partnering with world-class academic institutes, including: 


"I joined the Sano Community because I am curious about the role of genetics in my multiple sclerosis and other conditions. I also want to help others by taking part in pertinent research that can help guide the way to personalised medicine and even better, a cure.

Being part of the Sano Community is a great way to discover exciting research opportunities while learning more about my genes."

Caroline Craven - Speaker | Writer | MS Life Coach | Patient Advocate



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